Love Is Still Love After All

This was one of my assignments in the subject Language in Literature. We were tasked to describe love to a 5-year-old child. Here is how I’d do it, though according to my professor, the simplest way to do it is to link love to a balloon.

Love, love, and love…. What makes you so special that every human gets blind when love takes its form? Love is one of either the hardest term or the easiest term to define. Surely enough, there are many ways to define what L-O-V-E is, as creative as a person can be, such as, using synonyms, metaphor, experiences, etc.

While writing this, I myself find it hard to make my own definition of love but easy to adopt a definition made of others. What I can provide as of writing this is that love is a feeling of deep affection and of having a commitment to someone no matter what, making love unconditional; when out of words, I would just end up saying “love is love”. On the other hand, the easiest definition of love, which must be known to many and comes right away in my mind, is “love is blind”, “love moves in mysterious ways”, “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”, and the list of clichés about love is endless.

However, what is love to a five-year-old child? There are, in fact, many ways in defining love and many available related quotes to grab. Of course, love is somehow different to such an age, which deserves a certain way of explaining what love is in their own context, in their own understanding, and in their own sense and reality.

Love of parents, children have experienced it firsthand to them, more specifically with their mother. The moment when their mother have them in wombs, mother’s instinct is to take care of her baby and give what best to hers. Mother would just do anything to make her unborn child safe and sound, for instance, consulting a physician to make sure that her pregnancy is well being taken care of. They are always in great anticipation and looking forward to the day when they would finally meet their child andhave their child in their arms. Imagine how excited they are seeing their baby on ultrasound. More than that, when they finally have their baby, mothers are so excited and like in euphoria to nurse their children and to finally take the role of mother. The love of mothers is priceless and as hot as sun that never get tired to give sunlight, nourishment, and hope to everyone.

Love is like special occasions, such as, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Birthday, etc. Although love is always there, we feel love more when there is an occasion. We tend to give gift, we give our warmest hugs and greetings, and we prepare food in different viands to people whom we love; these are just some of acts of love. These are, some of the times, that we feel that love must be shared and its existence must flourish, taken the fact that love is like a communicable disease that hardly is it hard to stop or to break. When in love, people are likely unstoppable to show it. The reasons why it is beating are not only for you to live but also for you to love.

Love can be from friends. The play and enjoyment that we have at any playgrounds like park, school field, at home, or any place that we can consider playing are products of love. When we play, we enjoy catching up with friends, running around, cheering, telling jokes, keeping someone’s secrets, and making more friends; those are acts of love. It is like the more friends we have, the more love we can get. That is why it is inherent in humans to form relationships with others—no man is an island. Sometimes, children having a little argument or get in fight, saying sorry to those whom we have hurt is love. Alternatively, a simple act of hugging or comforting also means that we are sorry—love.

Love is God. It all started with God. Without God, we would be no one and have nothing. God created universe out of love. It is because of his love why we now exist, why we have everlasting life, and why we have our friends and family around us. Everlasting, it is because we have infinite life that. God never fails to look after us and bless us everyday. God provides everything that we need, all we have to do is pray and continuously believe in him. God sacrificed himself, so that we can have life and to take away our sins. That is a different, superior love.

Love picks no one. Love is in everyone’s heart. Love is in the air. Love makes people good. Love is what you truly deserve. Love is love. Love, although it may seem shallow to a five-year-old kid, it is still love after all.


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